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A collective designed for leaders, innovators and game-changers

Unique NRG is a programme designed for those hungry to level up their success mindset and put the work in to do what it takes to achieve greatness. If you feel stuck and know that you’ll only get that step up by improving and learning a new way to think, lead and succeed, then this is the programme for you.

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The Unique NRG Collective

is unlike any programme you've come across.


A 4-month game changing programme

In four months we cover everything required to go from stuck and frustrated to breaking barriers and unlocking limiting beliefs.  This is as exciting as it challenging and we make sure you not only smash the goals you came into master but you learnt to love going hard on work that now feels easy.  You will master your mindset to innovate in any situation you choose to conquer.


A monthly masterclass with guest experts

CEO's, professional athletes and entrepreneurs who are all experts in their field host a Mastery Class each month to share real-life experience, thoughts for the future and to answer your questions. A powerful and intimate group of six getting direct time with some of the brightest specialists in business is all about helping you change your game. It's an audience with Mastery at its best.


Transformational private 1:1 coaching

Change is hard so we've made sure we've got that covered. An hours private 1:1 transformational coaching with either Alex or Nicola to coach around obstacles, fears, limiting beliefs and anything else that is consciously or subconsciously stopping your continued success. Working through blocks and understanding how to progress can be hard, we get that. 


Push the Boundaries of Success with Personal Mastery and Accountability

Grab the bull by the horns and charge into ever present change. Connect with passion and steely eyed determination and listen like your life depends on it. Take the leap of faith in your people, your product and yourself. Consistently grow, pivot and push and take everyone with you on the ride. And always do the right thing. That's what we call unique leadership and that’s exactly what we do.