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Fuel for Thought: Beyond choice

When I read the second half of this quote over the weekend it did two things;

1) stopped me in my tracks

2) made me want to tell as many people as I could about it. 


Jo Swinson Equal Power book cover

”And the bigger picture is exactly what’s missing. At the heart of fearing feminism is the feeling it has gone too far, that men and women have pretty much equal opportunity now, apart for a few issues of violence or pay at the periphery. The consequence of this view is the assumption that the massive disparity in power that remains between men and women must be the product of choice, and is therefore ok.”​ 

-Jo Swinson, from her book Equal Power.


It was that last sentence that floored me. You see ‘the product of choice’ was what I’d been thinking whilst reading the book. So this sentence stopped me in my tracks and made me re-think my position. What about you?



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