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"Great things never come from comfort zones."

This week's #WeeklyNRG is from Caitlin, a fantastic reminder of the power of learning something new.

Business butler mindeset conference with Nicola Rylett, Caitin and Jim Steele

Some weeks ago Nicola invited me to the Business Butler Mindset conference. I had never been to an event like this before, but if I've learnt anything from my time with Nicola is "Great things never come from comfort zones."

The event was held in Cardiff, 10 minutes from where guest speaker Jim Steele went to school. Jim Steele is an incredible business Speaker, leadership educator & Executive Coach who went to school, not 5 minutes from where I did. Knowing that he went to school so close to my school (although not at the same time) resonated with me. The fact that someone as great as Jim, talking about Mindset and personal development with intelligence and wit, for 4 hours with only one break halfway through (it didn't feel like it!), grew up in the same area I did, is comforting. Jim has probably learnt a million lessons after moving from Penarth but his journey started where mine did. He has accomplished so much that I am so excited to find out what I accomplish going forward.

I was surrounded by mostly business owners like Nicola at the event, most of which would have probably winced at me if I told them I was born in the July of 1999, or at least have a fond memory of something that happened that year. That being said, it doesn't mean I didn't come away from the experience learning something.

My key takeaways from Jim was:

  • How he was able to get the room to memorize 30 words front to back and back to front (Yes that did happen) I could probably tell you them now – a week later. A tool we can use to remember.

  • How anyone can stand up in front of a crowd and confidently tell you something that just isn’t true but you’ll probably believe them. So don’t just take someone’s word for it do your own research.

  • Some people see things a different way to you, but it doesn’t mean one of you is incorrect, it depends on what needs to be seen.

  • Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, in big letters but you can’t see it until someone helps you to, that doesn’t mean that the answer wasn’t always there.

I am excited to go to more events like this in the future, as well as work behind the scenes to help Nicola put on her own events. Bringing like-minded people together is always interesting to me. Thanks for inviting me Nicola, what a great afternoon that turned into a very late night- haha!

Have you attended a great business conference lately? -What was your biggest takeaway?

If not…Do you have a found memory of 1999?



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