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Meet our team: Alice


Founder of Ask Alice

Blonde woman Alice Manship portrait smiling


Hi there, I’m Alice! After graduating with a degree in Event Management I fell into the realm of self-employment, social media and marketing support for small businesses. I’ve helped a number of businesses with one-off and long-term projects to help boost their brand awareness, to market their services and make sure they’re using social platforms correctly to communicate with customers and clients. For technophobes or those too busy to create content and post online, I can help!

How did I meet Nicola? Straight after university I had a job for a couple of months in recruitment and marketing. Nicola had been outsourced by the company to be my mentor! Shortly after leaving this job, I started collaborating with Nicola. She inspired me to create my own work opportunities rather than look for them.

Here’s a bit more about me…

1.) Top Tip: Growth takes time, be patient

2.) Interesting fact: Alice has worked on an Australian Cruise

3.) Hobby Horse: I’ve danced for 20 years! I no longer take lessons but still enjoy a good dance every now and again

4.) What inspires me: New opportunities to grow or help other

5.) Best Business Book: ‘Oversubscribed’ its absolute genius



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