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Bringing You The Power Of Positivity

The Nicola Rylett Group have created a program for leaders like you to harness the power of positivity to improve your personal and business success.

Construction workers lifting wall showing positive teamwork

Do your team support one another?
​Do they take responsibility for their actions?

Do you reward and celebrate success?

Do you know whether your team feel inspired and find their work meaningful?

Do you have a work-life balance?
Is your business lacking originality?

If your answer is a no or maybe to any of the above questions, there is one key ingredient lacking in your business…positivity!

If you are looking for motivation to create transformation in your business, you might want to hear more about the #PositiveNRG Program.  

Program Structure

The program focusses on 4 areas


Your Team

Corporate Social Responsibilty


Each area has 7 themes for you to work through. We’ve included assessment tools to find out where you are and how you’ve improved, inspiring stories and quotes and activities to get you ‘doing’.


This program can be as little or as interactive as you want, here are our 4 options:​

Two women chatting with pen and paper at desk



work through our program independently at your own pace

Woman in white dress smiling at laptop doing work



An 8-week guided program, with live Q & A’s and weekly group sessions

Taking notes at informal meeting with cofee and laptop



A 4-week guided program, with live Q & A’s and weekly group sessions

People engaged in modern meeting



An 8-week guided program, with live Q & A’s, weekly group sessions and 2x 1-1 sessions.

If you’d like to find out more about the themes that are covered in the program and to request your SAMPLE:

What can you expect?

You’re probably thinking, what will the outcome be? Why should I join this program? Well, to solve whatever problem your facing.


The themes we cover, and the weekly self-assessments will prove how you can:

  • increase self and team morale

  • increase self and team wellness

  • develop both in and out of the business

  • improve corporate social responsibility

  • improve levels of accountability and productivity within the business

What are you waiting for? Start injecting more positivity into your business and watch it flourish!

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