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The NRG Way

Inspiring Action, Driving Transformation And Adding Value

The Nicola Rylett Group is all about inspiring action so that you achieve the success you desire. When it comes to your team, if they don’t feel appreciated then they won’t perform to their best. How do you inspire your team to be the best they can be?

And Success

Drive For Achievement

You all know what a SMART goal is right? Whatever your goal may be it might take a while to get there. We say enjoy the journey and celebrate the small successes. If you demonstrate to the people in your business that their efforts are appreciated, they will continue to feel motivated and driven. 

Personal And

Business Transformation

No matter what industry, type of business, or role an individual may be in; there is always room to transform. Don’t be afraid of growing transformation, It is standing still you can’t allow. As a business owner it is important that you work ON the business and not IN the business identifying the areas you need to strengthen and develop

Status Quo

Challenge The

Being different is what gets people noticed: challenge the status quo; challenge your team to be a better version of themselves; challenge your business to break the mould. Encouraging creativity and ideas from your team could help you to identify new and better ways of doing things. 


And Curiosity

When was the last time you asked someone a question because you were genuinely curious? What does it say to the person you are talking to? It shows interest, respect and builds an understanding, you learn something new and it’s useful for building a rapport. Try to use this mind-set when talking to your team, clients and other business associates. 

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