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What Our Clients Say

Positive Feedback And Our Impact

We love hearing how we add value to the businesses we work with, and how we help them build motivation and confidence. Here's some of the nice things our clients have said about us

Woman presenting infront of whiteboard

10 out of 10 ,Entertaining and Impactful

Nicola ran a business alignment session for our team. 10 out of 10. Nicola's approach is to engage, inform, support and ask the right questions at the right time.  Armed with a huge amount of strategic knowledge and insight, rooted in a down to earth approach and the right amount of humour, Nicola is able to express alternate views, ask tough questions and challenge the status quo. Nicola's work with us was thought provoking, entertaining and impactful yet (most importantly) realistic and practical.

Justin Curtis-Jones 
Director of Operations


High Expertise

Thanks to Nicola Rylett our knowledge, understanding and ability to market online has been enhanced. She demonstrates a high expertise in this area and through her advice and mentoring the company have benefited in many ways. 

Rob Williams

SME Owner

PE Direct

Motivational...Worth Its Weight In Gold 

Nicola worked with me for a little over a year and I can honestly say every session was worth its weight in gold. She was a truly motivational character for the team who also installed a degree of confidence in myself that I will look to carry forward.

Joseph Williams

Marketing Leader 

Niche IFA

Extremely Positive - Built My Confidence

Nicola has taught me the importance of planning well in advance and how small changes can produce fantastic results. Her impact has been extremely positive and has enabled me to work creatively, independently, and has built my confidence.

Ashley Evans

Marketing Professional

Penguin Wealth


Highly Stimulating And Is Of Great Value 

Your well-structured and interactive approach has proved to highly stimulating and is of great value to students. Your contribution has assisted with our strategy of delivering this broad-reaching module with the credibility that expert speakers such as yourself are able to provide. 

Dr Jeremy Hall 

University Professor

Cardiff School of Engineering

Vision Misson Values Session

Ability To Engage Everyone

I would give you top grades for your passion, preparation, ability to engage everyone (even the slow learners!) through a terrific range of resources and activities.

Rob Evans 

Communications Specialist

Qualifications Wales

Refocus Energies

The Vision, Mission and Values session is highly recommended. We really enjoyed it. More importantly, it has enabled us to refocus our energies. 

Kerry Chown

Micro Owner

Cobalt HR

Sales Training And Strategy

I really think that the management structure has started to cement and people are feeling secure and well led. You have implemented things very calmly and confidently, and I think it has worked really well. A personal, big, thank you! 

Helen Webberley

SME Owner

Gender GP

Business Plan

Unmeasurable Value

Nicola helped me see clarity in my projects and increased my confidence in writing down strategies for our sales/support processes. Being able to exchange ideas with a passionate and experienced individual was of unmeasurable value and made me truly understand lateral thinking.

Sol Lemoigne

Client Onboarding


Implemented Things Very Calmly And Confidently


Green Forest

Her Experience And Expertise Shine Through

When in the middle of life, it is often hard to see the wood for the trees. You may know, intellectually, how to navigate the path but when emotions are at play, logic often takes a backseat. 
Nicola is able to bring clarity of thought and presence of mind into any situation, asking the questions that help to refocus the mind onto what truly matters. Her experience and expertise shine through as she guides and encourages to our aims. 
With Nicola in my corner, there's very little that can stop me.


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