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We are The Nicola Rylett Group, a team of associate consultants that are here to help solve your business problems, whether it’s acting as an outsourced department or motivating your team to do it themselves.


Nicola Rylett is a senior sales, marketing and communications leader who has held both Regional and National Director roles with some of the UK’s most prestigious organisations.


Top Tip: Ask questions, it is the most effective way of learning

Interesting Fact: I did a music and drama degree

Hobby Horse: Everything – because I can talk all day

My Inspiration: People that achieve no matter how big or small

Best Business Book: Traction - Gino Wickman

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With a Masters in Human Resource Management, Kerry Chown, Director of Cobalt HR, focuses on people to improve business. On top supporting normal HR activity, her key interest is helping clients to adopt high performance working practices through engagement surveys and recognitions systems. 

Top Tip: Don’t just settle with policies and contracts, your staff need strategic focus

Hobby Horse: Shopping at M&S

My Inspiration: Leaders with a passion

Best Business Book: Chimp Paradox - Prof Steven Peters

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Alice is a young entrepreneur with a degree in Events Management and a passion for supporting small businesses with big ideas. She writes and designs content for social media, websites and email campaigns; as well as turning ideas into a reality through event planning and promotion. 


Top Tip: Growth takes time, be patient.

Interesting Fact: Alice has worked on an Australian Cruise

Hobby Horse: Dancing

My Inspiration: New opportunities

Best Business Book: Eat That Frog - Brian Tracey

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Steph is a marketing professional and owner of WhiteLenz Marketing. Specialising in website design, she offers responsive, user-friendly, SEO-optimised websites at reasonable rates. Steph will ensure your new website is unique and individual to you, using her passion and flair for design, combined with her knowledge and experience in marketing.

Top Tip: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try


Interesting Fact: Steph is distantly related to Lady Godiva and Michael Schumacher

Hobby Horse: Exploring new cooking and baking recipes

My Inspiration: People who turn something small into something big

Best Business Book: The Icarus Deception - Seth Godin

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Peter is a designer extraordinaire: logos, branding, brochures, leaflets, digital design, social media design and print management.


Top Tip: Exceed expectations

Interesting Fact: He was once ranked the 19th best amateur Ice Hockey goalie in the world

Hobby Horse: Logos…sorry!

My Inspiration: Family

Best Business Book: Too busy to read!

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Chris introduces, informs and supports your enterprise in compliancy with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), protection against cyber crime and various other potential security breaches. By establishing links between your Information Technology and organisational systems, he delivers unique comprehensive solutions at both strategic and operational levels.

Top Tip: Don’t assume your website is secure and your data is protected


Interesting Fact: Chris has abseiled off the roof of The Principality Stadium

Hobby Horse: Talking about online safety

My Inspiration: People, who despite terrible adversity, have stood up, dusted themselves down and started again.

Best Business Book: The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism - Professor Shoshana Zuboff

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Steven works with all types and sizes of business to allow them to grow and consolidate. He is great at reshaping organisations, reviewing structures, roles & responsibilities, as well as processes. An expert at looking for new markets, he can position brands within the new market to maximise any identified opportunity.


Top Tip: The person with the most flexibility in their behaviours will benefit the most in their relationships.

Interesting Fact: I've been on Popmaster on Radio 2 and got 27 points!

Hobby Horse: Leadership training and coaching.

My Inspiration: Individuals or businesses who achieve their potential.

Best Business Book: 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' - Stephen R Covey

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With several years of experience in senior management roles, in which Mel has overseen many areas of business development from operational roles to business integration. Mel loves leading teams to successfully deliver results and drive their business development. With a passion for delivering great standards, she feels it’s important to view things through the customer's eyes in order to drive sales through service.


‘Let me be the voice of the customer in your world and I will help you be truly customer centric'

Top Tip: All businesses need customers. It's vital to understand what your customers want from your business, as you have many competitors. The world around us is constantly changing, to stand still is to die in business.

Hobby Horse: I passionately believe that receiving a great experience as a customer is now a rare thing, but it should be the norm. We as consumers need to feel valued and want an emotional connection with a brand, a person or a business.

My Inspiration: A drive to help others succeed. From working with others and seeing transformations when people apply themselves, to making a change for the better.

Best Business Book:  The Experience by Bruce Leoffler / Chimp paradox by Steve Peters

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Kate Strong helps individuals remove the glass ceiling off their own potential and create a profitable and sustainable business. With more consumers demanding more ethical and transparent business practices, Kate works with you to ensure your business has a healthy triple-bottom line: For profit, for people and for the planet.

Top Tip: Enrol your staff and suppliers to find solutions with you

-collaboration is key in creating long-lasting positive change.

Interesting Fact: I competed for Australia in triathlon and was age-group World Champion in 2014

Hobby Horse: The interconnectedness of all living beings: I adore learning about energy and quantum physics

My Inspiration: Companies that challenge the status quo of doing business by prioritising impact over profit and excel from this shift 

Best Business Book: 'Turn the ship around!'  - L David Marquet

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