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A logo design process

This week’s #NRGsupplemental is a practical piece from Caitlin. We love the work she recently did for us on a new logo, here she describes her process. I thought some of you out there might find the process useful for your businesses/ current projects. Check out the key messages bit at the bottom.

NRG logo design process flow chart

Hiya this is Caitlin the Social Media Assistant at the Nicola Rylett Group.

This week as we near the launch of Nicola’s and Business Partners Alex Darby’s new project, The UniqueNRG Collective, I wanted to talk to you about logo design and its ‘creative’ process. I was lucky enough to design their logo.

#UniqueNRG is a collective designed for leaders, innovators and game-changers.

Unique NRG guideline logo

1. Discover

Having studied Graphic Design at college Nicola gave me the task of designing UniqueNRG’s logo. At the time going into this project, I didn’t know much about it. However, I did know the name; The Unique NRG Collective and Nicola gave me a couple straplines they were playing with.

I also had a logo Alex had designed as a guideline (see left), some colour palettes, and logos from other companies that both Nicola and Alex liked. The one key instruction was that they wanted a high-end luxury logo to reflect their business. So, I got to work.

2. Research

Using the information Nicola had provided I researched all the logos they told me they liked and searched for the right colour palette. The colours were important because we wanted something that stood out but was also elegant and fit the target audience that they were going for. Its important to remember that last point – its all about what will resonate with your chosen audience.

Sketch ideas for Unique NRG logo design process

3. Sketch

For my sketch ideas I used my iPad and apple pencil a tool. I like to use these over your normal pencil and paper because it allows you to copy and paste a sketch you have already done so that you can keep tweaking it, rather than having to redraw it over and over. This saves some time. It also makes it easier when adding or taking away colour.

4. Present

After I did the stetches I sent them off to Nicola and Alex to see which ones they wanted me to develop more. This made sure I was heading in the right direction and not developing something that they didn’t like or think was appropriate. At this stage I think I created over 7 pages of ideas, well over 50 different logo designs, colourways, shapes and sizes.

Developed Unqiue NRG design process sketch

5. Develop

To develop the logo I use adobe Illustrator, a software that most designers use when creating a logo.

After I finished developing the sketches further on illustrator, I sent it back to Nicola and Alex and together we worked on what we liked and didn’t like and landed on one idea that needed to be tweaked slightly.

This was my favourite part of the design process. Working directly with Nicola and Alex and throwing back and forth ideas and finally landing on something we all think is great.

Blue Uniqiue NRG logo
White Unique NRG Logo

6. Deliver I got to work tweaking and after changing the strapline for a final time we had a final logo with 2 different colour ways. Finishing what we set out to do. What do you think? You can see it better in situ on the website

This project was so much fun, and I definitely want to do it again in the future.

Key messages

  • Following a design process helps you to stay on task and not stray too far away from want you need to accomplish. It helps to be organised and even if you think you have a final idea and you want to jump straight to delivering that idea it is probably best to work through the steps.

  • Your first idea usually isn’t the best idea!

  • Remember your audience – its about them not you.


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