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Character - an essential trait for leadership.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

This weeklyNRG has been inspired by Sam Warburton and his new book Open Side.

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Each chapter is based in a significant location to Sam and his career. At the end of each chapter he gives Leadership Observation. There are 7 chapters linking to his famous number.








I’m not going to write a formal review of the book this morning covering off the P’s. (The joy of reading is discovering what you think about the book for yourself.) I just wanted to highlight a few things I learnt whilst reading the book that I thought would resonate with leaders today.

  1. He had a long-term focus. He never drifted away from that vision. He even had a visual remind of what he ultimately wanted to achieve.

  2. Once he made his mind up on the long-term path he did everything in his power to get the final goal.

  3. ‘He never stopped trying to get better’ – he was constantly learning and improving. Whether it was learning all the rules of the game as a teenager or being the first into pre-season training. He believed in constant self-questioning for improvement.

  4. He used the right stats to help him focus on that improvement.

  5. He looked to others for inspiration, support, experience and listened when important to do so.

  6. He had his results do the talking, never needing to be someone who shouted about his achievements or show off about what he was doing.

  7. He worked on his mindset as well as his physical strength.

  8. He is loyal to his teams – not just his playing teams.

  9. He gave everything to anything important to achieving his goal.

  10. He stayed focused.

  11. He used a positive mindset to inspire his success.

I think we could all take a few pointers from Sam. Have a think about the list above….Let’s look to Sam for inspiration. Pick one and start working on it…..I’m going to look at my stats and see how I can improve my performance. The trick as Sam describes is picking the stats that mean something to the long-term vision you have. Yours might be staying focused or working on your mindset…..let me know.

A couple of other of Sam’s great character came up in this interview

This article talks about the importance of character in leadership and what makes good character.

A Good Read

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Openside book cover of close up of Sam Warburton

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