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Decisions, Decisions? Don’t let fear put you off making the right decision

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Each and everyday, we all make hundreds of #decisions, many of which we don’t even really think about. Occasionally some of them need a little more thought, and often we take advice on what to do. Over the past couple of weeks, my husband and I have been tackling a big-ish decision which cuts across business and personal life.

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We were getting nowhere talking about it, going round in circles, chatting for a while then

running out of steam. We did a pros and cons list but that didn’t help us either. So

eventually on a very long journey (six hours up the M4, M5, M6) I said we had to make the

decision. Locked in a metal box, stuck on a motorway not going anywhere meant we had to face the issue.

We realised that we hadn’t wanted to make the decision because we were scared of what might happen; how it might all go wrong.

By trying to be balanced and see the challenge from all sides, we then started focusing on the negatives more than the possibilities.

Yes, we have to be balanced, but let’s not be put off by fear. 

Michael Baker from TBC recently showed me the Z-model for decision making - this might help you the next time you have an important decision to make.

The relief of taking action and making the decision was in its self a positive act.

What decision have you been putting off and why? Don’t let uncertainty of making the

decision take too long. Weigh everything up, make the decision and move forward.



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