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Do you need a CVO*?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

As we start week 2 of lockdown I wonder how you and your businesses are doing? (Please keep in touch and let me know.)

Last week was mixed for me. Monday, Tuesday I had several clients hold work, whilst on Thursday and Friday other workshops continued. It was starting to look and feel a little tough but whilst reading Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game inspiration struck me.

On page 66 he talks about ‘Chief Vision Officer’ (CVO*). Someone whose job it is to communicate and protect the vision of the organisation. A person that continues to remind everyone of the long-term perspective of the business. The book got me thinking and it reminded me why I started the business. My vision is to help others, by ‘inspiring them to take action’, which ‘drives success’ and leads to ‘adding value’ to their lives.

Inspire Action | Drive Success | Add Value

What is your vision?

For me a vision is something aspirational. A state of being slightly out of reach. Something you and your team will get out of bed at 5am for on a cold, dark and damp January morning. It’s the reason you keep going when times are challenging, and business gets tough. It’s what drives you and inspires you to do that little bit more.

A vision is not what you do, it’s the why you do it?

Reviewing my vision changed my view of what this lockdown could mean. It inspired me to act. This coming week I’m going to embrace the space and the thinking time. I’m going to look beyond this week and next. I will focus on my long-term aspirations and act on activities that will move me closer to the long term, driving me nearer to my success.

Can I encourage you all to revisit your vision? If you have some time this week, or things get a little tough, why not go back to your vision and remind yourself what you are working for. Make decisions based on that, not the temporary challenges we are experiencing now.

#Staypositive we will get through this together!

Vision spelled out in scrabble pieces


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