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Fireworks, bonfires, and toffee apples. How bright do you sparkle?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Around this time of year, I’m reminded at how wonderful it feels to see the world as a child again. The joy of watching a firework display (with all the ooohhss and aaaahhhs) takes me right back to those moments of wonder, excitement, amazement and awe.

Bright white Fireworks

Some of us love the biggest and loudest fireworks that end the shows. I always felt a little

scared by something so big, and they never lasted very long and you always knew the show was about the finish when those fireworks went off.

For me, I love the fireworks that had lots of little white bursts of light which went on and on and on. Like snowflakes falling in the night sky, all around was full of light, sparkle and

energy. They normally made up the bulk of the show, holding everything together whilst the bigger, colourful fireworks went off every now and then.

Some fireworks make a big bang and shine brightly for a moment, others might be smaller but they last longer and have much more sparkle.

What kind of firework are you? Where do you get your sparkle from?

Definition of "Sparkle" - intransitive verb means:

1a: to throw out  sparks

1b: to perform brilliantly


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