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How many acorns are you planting?

Starting today the BBC ideas channel is launching the following campaign, to help young people to think about nature in a different way.

It’s a 5:44 min watch – so grab a coffee.

Cupping a pile of acorns in a pair of hands

It talks of a dark, mean and hard place, where the people are dark, mean and hard. How a young girl from a bad background makes a promise to start planting acorns. Nothing happens at first but over a short time the plants grow and change the landscape. Bringing people outside, communities together and connecting individuals to nature. She then passes the promise onto another young girl who goes onto make the same promise.

A great message to our young people on the value of nature. But it got me thinking…..what if I switch the narrative from nature and sustainability to business, people and life.

How many acorns are you planting? And what type of acorns are you planting?

People - How are you inspiring others? Recently, I told you about my niece, made redundant from her beauty salon, she is now ready to launch her own business. A virtual launch party next week gets her started. (It’s taken less than 3 weeks.) I have mentored several young people to start their own business and entrepreneurs to move their business ideas forward in practical terms. Getting individuals to believe in themselves is probably the hardest part. How do you motivate the people around you?

Living - How much time do you invest in your family and friend, your life experiences?

Are you building the memories, the shared experiences that will keep your ‘family’ (what ever that looks like) close? Its important to work on the relationships that are important to you. Spend your time chatting, listening, laughing! Don’t just go through each week in the same old routine – surprise others and do something different; make some new traditions, some new habits. Do something that will have them chatting about it for years….’Remember the time when dad did XYZ? when mum XYZ?’

Business - how many ideas do you invest in? No doubt business ideas need time and money to develop but they are important to future proof your business. In times of uncertainty to more you can have multiple aspects to the business the more resilience you are building into your business. Since we entered this challenging time over 8months ago I have developed a couple more divisions here at The Nicola Rylett Group. Uncovering passions, I knew existed but didn’t feel I had the time to work on. With #SalesNRG I am helping SME business owners generate new leads and sales. With #PositiveNRG I am helping others be more positive, happy, and with infectious energy developing can-do attitudes.

Finally, probably more importantly, how many people are you passing on this attitude of planting acorns onto?

In our ever-increasing uncertain world, lots of people feel anxious, melancholy, and worried. Stress is increasing and mental wellbeing is becoming an issue that affects us all in one way or another. Are we already in that dark, mean and hard place? I believe that by leading by example we can motivate others to start ‘planting acorns’.

Let’s show others what it means to be a leader and an all-round decent human being to make our world a little better for others. Encouraging greater acorn planting

  • We can help society have more positive than negative days.

  • We can affect greater ownership.

  • We can make an impact on a personal and societal level.

I would love you to join me in doing 2 things; Will you?

  • Inspire our young people to be the best versions of themselves. Showing them how they have the power to do whatever they put their mind to

  • Help make the world in which we live in a more positive place.

Together we will create a community, a movement, a positivity wave that will energize people across the global to make a change and plant some acorns.

To find out more about #positiveNRG contact me and we’ll grab a virtual coffee.



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