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Meet our team: Kate


Sustainable business expert

Today's actions create tomorrow's successes.

Kate Strong portrait short silver hair woman


My name is Kate Strong and I don’t believe in living a compromised life. From an early age, I set out to question everything and prove that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

My mission is to inspire and empower people just like you to step up and achieve what you know intuitively know you want. Add clarity, direction, a sense of purpose and methods to maintain your desire to move forward to achieve and live your dreams.

I help individuals remove the glass ceiling off their own potential and create a profitable and sustainable business. With more consumers demanding more ethical and transparent business practices, Kate works with you to ensure your business has a healthy triple-bottom line: For profit, for people and for the planet.

1) Top Tip: Enrol your staff and suppliers to find solutions with you - collaboration is key in creating long-lasting positive change.

2) Funny fact: I competed for Australia in triathlon and was age-group World Champion in 2014

3) Hobby Horse: The interconnectedness of all living beings: I adore learning about energy and quantum physics

4) My inspiration: Companies that challenge the status quo of doing business by prioritising impact over profit and excel from this shift

5) Best Business book: Turn the ship around! By L David Marquet

“We are at an interesting point in history, where our actions will have profound impact on the world’s future. Our world is changing, it is up to us whether it is changing for the better, or worse." "I believe that business can be the pioneers of change in social and environmental issues while also preserving their profitability.”



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