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How often are you faced with someone saying “No, that can’t be done”? How often do you think to yourself “I can’t do that?”

You have probably all read blogs about the old saying “There isn’t such as word as can’t.” Like many of you my parents use to say it to me a lot when I was growing up. I’m thankful for that, because now I have a positive mindset where anything is possible. As Henry Ford once said it’s all about mindset.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” Henry Ford.

Today I want to focus today on the “NO” said by others. The “NO” that stops you in your tracks and benches your goals. The “NO” that derails your activities and you achieving your objectives. How do you accept that NO? Well, I don’t think you should accept it.

Road marking "NO" with leaves on

When I’m faced with this situation, I start off by asking myself a different question. I go back to the principle goal or objective and refocus on the output I truly want. THEN I PAUSE and RETHINK. I think about finding a different way to achieve the output.

I never ever giving up.

Having the tenacity to think more flexibility, to find a solution to the problem that someone has said “NO” too is a great skill to possess.

There will always be a way; you just must think differently, think creatively.

Be flexible with how you achieve the output you want. It might not be the activity you planned to do but if it gets you to your goal, whats the problem?

If you find yourself stuck with people around, you are saying “No it can’t be done.” Change the question, change the perspective, change the people. Ask yourself what can be done to move you forward to your goal? You will find a way.

The world is full of doubter’s – don’t be one – keep the faith – believe in yourself, your team, you will find the answer.

Remember “IMPOSSIBLE is also I’m Possible”. It’s all just a question of how you see it.



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