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Question Time. Yes to Tech?

We have turned this #WeeklyNRG over to you, our community. We thought we’d answer some of your questions in a series of Q&A blogs. Over the next few days, I’ll send six emails which answer the questions you asked me recently.

Here we go with question 2.

Should all businesses embrace technology, or does it depend on sector, future plans, and appetite of the owner?

Short answer: yes.

I’m not saying all businesses must be tech orientated but technology has so many benefits in terms of productivity, business growth and business innovation that it would be silly to ignore the potential. Using tech in the right way for your business can speed up growth, help you with work life balance, increase connectivity to your audience, widen your reach and spread your important work to a larger audience.

The key here; don’t use tech for the sake of using tech. If there is a simple practical easy to use answer to your problem do that. Only use tech to solve the complex challenges facing your company.

Fibre optic cables symbolising adoption of new technology



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