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School days, so they tell us, are the most sublime part of our lives!

Close up of book with pages turned in to look like a love heart

Every day is a school day. It’s a saying I find myself quite often most days, I don’t even know where I heard it first but I really enjoy the saying. I started saying it back in 2018 or so and I think it’s really influenced how I tackle every day. Not as just a series of steps to take, things to achieve, but as an opportunity to learn something new.

It’s such a short and simple saying too that everyone can understand. Every experience in life has outcomes of failure and success, but you can always learn to do better. Learning from your mistakes is a great opportunity. I’ve recently played a video game that held a very similar philosophy. While the game was designed to be incredibly hard there was a note relatively early in saying that every time you lost it was not something to be ashamed of, but it was a learning experience. I think having such a positive mindset towards failure is the healthiest way you can experience anything new in your life.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

A lot of people will run away from anything that can cause any “failure” to them. Often to the point where they will avoid anything new opportunities or experiences out of this fear of failing. This leads to a lack of anything being done, and in some cases to a lack of ownership about failing. They would rather lie than admit a mistake on their end. This lack of any ownership is an avoidance on any learning. How can every day be a school day when you see opportunities to learn as an obstacle to be avoided rather than something to embrace.

Failing something you’ve never done before is scary, but everyone’s made mistakes in their life, they’re not something to be afraid of.

There is then the other end of this coin, something I feel I dip into at points, wherein you are too eager to be taught something rather than giving it a go yourself. For instance, I’d rather be given clear, concise instructions on how to do a task rather than give it a go myself without any input. My time here with Team#NRG has really boosted my confidence and ability to act on my own initiative, which is very important. It takes a lot more confidence to be willing to make a mistake and own up to it, than keep your pride safe with not admitting to it.

In short, every day has some opportunity for you to learn, even trying something new and not getting it first time is an opportunity to learn in and of itself.

So remember that every day is a school day, and I hope this little piece about one of my favourite sayings has helped change any unhealthy mindsets towards learning you may have held before.

Happy child in nursery with blue pen, globe, blocks and colouring pencils

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