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“Thank you for the music.” Is ABBA the secret to happiness?

You’ll probably remember I’ve written about the power of music to change our mindset/mood before. I hate to repeat myself but if you ‘take a chance on me’ and read on I’ll show you how ABBA’s music can have you feeling ‘as good as new’.

So ‘Gime! Gime! Gime!’ your attention for 5mins and I’m sure I can boost your mood.

This weekend hubby and I went down to London to see the spectacular that is ABBA Voyager. What a show! What an experience! What a night!

Nicola and Husband pointing to ABBA hologram show

We’d heard great things about this hologram show, but nothing could prepare us or the rest of the audience for just how amazing it was. Its a ‘Crazy World’ isn’t it, when you can pay to see a collection electronic generated images of 4 singers back in their heyday perform their greatest hits all on one night.

In fact, watching the audience react to the show was half the joy. Packed to the rafters, every seat was taken. Whilst looking out over the sea of sequins, glitter and sparkly fabrics you really felt like you where inside a disco ball of happiness.

We had the 76 year old lady from Plymouth sat next to me with her granddaughter. The grand kids had all saved up to buy ‘Mamma Mia’ this surprise birthday present. It was her birthday that day, so she’d had a make – over, got dressed up and was out to party for the night. ‘She’s my kind of girl’

In front of us we had the married couple who just didn’t stop smiling for the whole show. She was dressed in sophisticated muted shades of grey, whilst he was owning a sequined gold hoody like a real ‘Super Trouper’. Talk about a contrast, but they were so happy together.

Then on the dance floor a group of young ladies (celebrating their mates hen do, sashes and all) where stomping up a storm. What a group of ‘Dancing Queens’, they never once stopped dancing. But that could be said for most people.

Every single person in the audience was there to enjoy themselves. And how they did.

I was struck by the positive energy. You could see it, you could feel it and ‘When all is said and done’ you could not failed to be affected by it. And isn’t this what we all need, isn’t that ‘The name of the game’; enjoying ourselves and being happy.

This got me thinking why do ABBA songs still have this impact on us nearly 50 years after the release of their first Album? Well, lots of people have studied the formation of the songs, the production, the enduring resonance, and it comes down to some clever musicology skills.

  • Firstly, the simplicity of the lyrics. We can all remember the words.

  • Secondly, the words are easy for us to connect with. The sad songs are especially moving and personal.

  • Lastly, the way they build the harmonies calls to our inner caveman/ cavewomen. We are enjoying a Paleolithic hootenanny with the rest of our clan.

A winning formular, repeated over and over again. This might come in useful for business????

If you get a chance to experience the show, do I can’t recommend it enough. The stage was staggering, the lighting mesmerizing, the live band spot on. If you haven’t anyone to go with, ring me I’ll be there in a shot. ‘Two for the price of one’ a great show and time with your favorite executive coach and business consultant. (‘I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do’)

And if you can’t get to the show, find ABBA on your spotify account, and find your favorite tunes.

Here are my top 5 after the big themes we all know,

‘The winner takes it all’

‘My love, my life’


‘Does your mother know’

I’m off to go dancing round my office. I hope ABBA helps you have an amazing day. Let me know your favorite track

ABBA home decoration pop art




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