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The importance of reward and recognition.

On Wednesday last week a client asked me to be at my office to pick up a parcel that was being delivered that day. How exciting! Making light of it, I jokingly told my husband it was probably a summons or something for the office. Imagine my shock and surprise when I opened the parcel to see an Apple Watch series 6. I can tell you, I was breathless, and gob smacked. (Making me speechless takes a lot).

Wow, just wow.

You see, at a meeting a couple of weeks earlier I had been telling said client all about wearing my husband’s fitbit to keep me on track for the New Year ‘Get back into fitness’ Resolution. How I’d hit my fitness targets and loved comparing the stats on sleep etc etc etc.

Now I had my very own Apple Watch, series 6 no less.

When I rang the client to say Thank You they said “We just wanted to know how much we value your support. How important you are to the organisation. We really appreciate everything you do for us.”

That meant the world, I didn’t stop smiling all day.

Isn’t that what we all want; a little appreciation for a job well done. Someone else thinking that we make a difference to them, their life, their business.

Reward and Recognition is a tool to make people feel good about themselves. The positive focus keeps others motivated, engaged and loyal. It tells them they are valued and respected for the efforts and positive contribution they have made. It is a big influencing factor in retaining talent and sets an example for others in the company, showing them the kind of work you value most.

"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life." Margaret Cousins

As we come to the end of the first month of 2021, how much have you achieved? What about those you work with, employees, clients, suppliers, supporters, and even family members. How much have they done for you? How much do you appreciate them?

It’s always important to take stock and reflect on your success, count your achievements. We’ve talked about this before. But maybe this month we should focus on rewarding and recognizing those that helped you get there. Saying thanks to those special people around us.

There are lots of websites which give reward and recognition gift ideas ( is just one) but I always think something personal and individual will always come across better. It’s not about how much it costs, it’s about the thought. A handwritten card with someone’s favorite chocolates, a personalized poster, a reminder of an often-visited place they adore. A book from their favorite author or a chance to take up that new hobby they have been talking about forever.

So who are you going to reward and for what?

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