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Brand Archetypes - how to connect more with your customers

I need a Hero, …..a Rebel, a Joker, a Ruler…..?

As competition in the marketplace increases connecting with your customers on an emotional level has become more and more important. How you interact with your audience groups and how they get to know, like and trust you as an organisation is now more complex than it’s ever been, but vital if you want to increase sales.

Emotionally interacting with your customers/clients improves brand loyalty, which in turn increases revenue.

A simple thing you can do is make it easier for your customers to feel a sense of togetherness with your organisation is to use generic traits to associate your organisation with behavior/characters they already know. Helping them understand how you see the world, (which is hopefully the same as they do) makes it easier for them to become interested and then attached to your company.

A tool to help you understand the personality of your business and how to connect to your customers is the Brand Archetype Wheel sometimes call the Brand Personality Types. There are 12 character-based archetypes. The first wheel below shows you the 12 archetypes and second gives you some example companies who use familiar traits to make it easier for you and me to connect with them.

12 brand character-based archetype wheel

12 character-based archetype wheel with examples

Understanding your organization’s Brand Archetype can help you differential your organisation from the competition. It can help you articulate your message in more simple and clear terms that resonate with your customers more. It helps show your audience what values you hold dear, how you do business and what is important to you.

Find out more about Brand Archetypes here.

“Archetypes are a concept originally conceived by famed Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. In marketing, a brand archetype is a genre you assign to your brand, based upon symbolism. The idea behind using brand archetypes is to anchor your brand against something iconic—something already embedded within the conscious and subconscious of humanity.”


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