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A Love Affair with France: The Tale of Tricoloire

A bit of an unusual #weeklyNRG this week. Well, it is a bank holiday week isn’t it and many of you will be on holiday. 


Last week I said I was going to spent time outdoors reflecting, refocusing, and refuelling. Leaning into the space to see what I would learn for the reflection. 

Well, it’s simple – I learnt it’s all about love. Love of my work, love of my hubby, love of this place Chenehutte. Let me give you an idea of why it’s so important to me. 

Hot air balloons, Samur France

A Love Affair with France: The Tale of Tricoloire

In the timeless saga of Kyle and Nicola, France had always been more than just a destination—it was their sanctuary, their playground, and their muse. From the rolling hills of the Loire to the sun-kissed shores of the south, every visit over the 15 years they had been together was a chapter in their love story, filled with bicycle rides along quaint pathways, lazy afternoons on the river, and the effervescent joy of tasting local wines amidst vineyards.


But it was in the picturesque village of Chenehutte, nestled between the charming towns of Saumur and Gennes, where their story took a romantic turn. As hot air balloons danced across the evening sky, Kyle knelt before Nicola, his heart laid bare as he asked those four words that would change their lives forever: "Will you marry me?"


With hearts overflowing with love, they exchanged vows six months later back home in the UK. But their hearts remained tethered to the beauty and allure of France, beckoning them to return, to explore, and to create new memories.


And so, fuelled by their love for each other and their shared passion for adventure, Kyle and Nicola embarked on a new journey—to plant roots in the land that held their hearts captive. France, with its timeless charm and captivating landscapes, seemed like the perfect canvas for their dreams to unfold.


As they scoured the countryside for the perfect property, fate intervened in the form of a call from a local estate agent—a call that would lead them back to the very place where their love story began. With hearts pounding and anticipation building, they followed the agent down winding roads until they found themselves on the familiar streets of Chenehutte.

Tricoloire building street view in evening, warm lamp glow

Nestled on a quiet side street, flanked by an 18th-century church with an 11th-century tower, stood the house that would become their haven. It was a fixer-upper, with a history as rich and storied as the village itself. But amidst the peeling paint and weathered walls, Kyle and Nicola saw potential—a chance to breathe new life into a forgotten gem.


What made the offer even more enticing was that it included not one, but three houses. One was destined to be their cosy abode, where they could become old together. The other two, however, were a bit of a challenge—abandoned and neglected for over four decades, they awaited transformation into something truly special. 


And so, with determination in their hearts and dreams in their eyes, they embarked on a four-year journey of restoration and renewal. As always with these things it wasn’t all plain sailing; covid put paid to Nicola’s idea that they’d be done in 9months. But eventually together, they transformed the neglected properties into a duo of charming gites, each infused with the spirit of France and the warmth of their love.


They preserved the rustic charm of the original structure, while infusing modern comforts and amenities to ensure that every guest felt welcomed and cherished. From the moment you step through the door, you're enveloped in the timeless elegance of French countryside living, where every detail tells a story and every corner whispers of romance.


Today, Tricoloire stands as a testament to love, resilience, and the enduring beauty of the Loire Valley. It's more than just a collection of gites—it's a love letter to France, a homage to the village that stole their hearts, and a promise to share its magic with the world.


So, if you ever find yourself longing for a taste of France, a glimpse of its timeless beauty, and a touch of romance in every corner, look no further than Chenehutte. For here, amidst the rolling hills and ancient vineyards, love truly knows no bounds. There is just something about this place!


Fuel for Thought:

"Once you stop looking for what you want, you find what you need." — Horace Cope.

Stop, give yourself space, listen, reflect and be open to finding what ever comes.


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