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Align your actions and mindset to achieve more.

Caitlin graduation photo NRG

In this week's instalment of #WeeklyNRG blog/podcast we hear from Catlin about how she overcame self-sabotage, doubt and questioning of her abilities to achieve a CIM level 4 in Marketing. She worked hard to align her mindset with her actions and get the result she wanted.

We are all so proud of Catlin. Congratulations again.

Here she tells us why it's important to celebrate the small victories.

“I graduated over the weekend!

Over the last year I’ve been doing a CIM level 4 certificate in professional Marketing at Cardiff and Vale College. I did one exam and two 5000-word essays.

It was no walk in the park. It took dedication, focus and determination. There were moments when I questioned my abilities, but I pushed through. I struggled with managing time with doing it side by side full time work and spending time with friends and family, as well as 2 holidays in between. I also struggled with self-sabotage, delaying getting the work done until closer to the due date which only resulted in more stress.

So, it was safe to say I was so happy when I found out I had passed and would get to graduate. Which it is why it came as a shock when Nicola brought up how much I was downplaying the achievement. It wasn’t only to Nicola as well. Everyone who asked me about it I would say "It's not a big deal" "It's just a small graduation" When my mum had tears in her eyes looking back at the photos from my graduation I said "It's only a level 4 certificate" with a roll of my eyes.

In a world that often celebrates only the highest peaks of achievement, we tend to overlook the importance of the smaller victories. However, I've come to realize this wasn’t just a small victory for me. From now on I will talk about this with positivity and not downplay my achievement. As this was a big deal and am proud of my achievement.”

How about you?

Are you actions and mindset aligned to set you up for achievement?

How can you push through the doubt and get the results you deserve for your hard work and focus?

Later this week, we’ll be giving you some top tips on how to get more aligned.


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