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A Year of Greatness

Hello 2023. Welcome to the first #WeeklyNRG this year. A slightly delayed start as I took an extended Christmas break to see relatives in Australia. Now fully rested and relaxed we are ready to face 2023 with gusto and ‘GRIT’. DON’T FORGET YOU CAN LISTEN TO THIS #WEEKLYNRG AS A PODCAST.

I’ve decided this year, 2023, is going to be themed ‘A Year of Greatness’

close up of calendar representing planning for a year of greatness

Imagine a world where…

I’d like you to join me in spending a couple of minutes thinking of a future time where everyone in the world lives to their full & optimal potential. I mean every single person! What could you achieve? What could your family be? What could your team achieve? What could your business be? What impact would this potential have on our society? Imagine all the issues and challenges that would be solved. How positive and happy people would be. How content individuals would be.

I believe that this greatness is doable for everyone and I’m going to pledge myself, my time, my business to making this possible for as many people as I can. I plan to spend the next 10 years doubling down on the focus I’ve had for the last 5years. That of ‘helping others be the best version of themselves they can be’.

What will it take to make this future a reality?

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collin’s says

“Good is the enemy of great. Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.”

So greatness isn’t something thrust upon us. Greatness is something each one of us can cultivate for ourselves selves. How? is the million-dollar question. In the book Grit psychology professor Angela Duckworth says that we all have talent, but without effort this talent is unmet potential. So… How do we unlock everyone’s potential?

Angela goes on to articulate this equation.

Talent x effort = skill

Skill x effort = achievement.

See how effort is doubly important. Put a little bit of effort in and you’ll see/experience the change. Doing something with direction and determination is key.

We also need to

  1. Nurture and foster our individual passions

  2. Identify your individual talent. Focus on the positive, what you are already good at.

  3. Have a single-minded focus. As Gino Wickman from Traction says. “Stay focused”

  4. Be persistent and have discipline

  5. Harness and combine all means available to us

  6. Be observant of our inner ‘human being’ (more on this next week)

  7. Be open minded to the opportunities that are available

  8. Get some support, a coach, a network of helpers

I think we’ll also need some luck.

The good-to-great companies made a habit of putting their best people on their best opportunities, not their biggest problems.”

Jim Collins.

What are you going to do during this ‘Year of Greatness’? How can you make a difference to others? Help them find their passion, or uncover a hidden talent?

I’m going to immerse myself in the world of young people by getting stuck into my new role as a School Governor. Continue to support people of all ages to get active and as physical fit as they can as a N.E.D. of Swim Wales. Step up my coaching activity, continue to advise hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs. Fuel a passion for learning and open mindedness through the Inspirante Business Book Club… and let’s face it who knows what else.

I’d love us to all work together on making my future world a reality. (Let’s be serious, I can’t do this all on my own.) If you would like to join me in this important cause, have any ideas on things I can get stuck into to further the movement then please email me and we’ll get cracking.

Until next time – Have a ‘great’ week.



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