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You’re my favourite waste of time

remote work, working in sunny garden

The Weekly Debrief:

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been ‘Home Alone’. As hubby and I have been working in different parts of the world, it’s been challenging on a number of fronts. (Please don’t get me started with the food and cooking situation. Driving on the wrong side of the road in a borrow French car or having to deal with the bat in the attic. These are stories for another day.)


It’s also been so rewarding - let me explain why. 



Being on my own has meant I’ve been able to focus solely on me, and my work, my clients. 

As you know I love what I do so giving me 14 days/nights to immerse myself completely - I’m in heaven! Up at 6am, desk by 7am. The days full of meetings and detailed project work. Some days I worked till 8pm/10pm. (I know people will say that’s not healthy, but I was lost in the work, ‘in the flow’ and it was brilliant.) Reading my favourite business books with a glass of wine then early to bed. The days repeated themselves with a reassured happiness that I loved.



Being on my own also meant I had to fend for myself. Now my achievements are not going to seem big to many of you but to me they are giant steps forward. 

  1. Having to cook for myself. Now, those that know me know I don’t cook/won’t cook. Just not interested, I think it’s a waste of time. But you’ll be happy to know I’ve survived only eating out a friend house once over the 2 weeks. It’s been home cooked, fresh food all week – no packet stuff here. 

  2. Speaking French all day. I also spent a whole day shopping in our little French town on Saturday and spoke French the whole day…This is such a big achievement, a milestone in my learning what is to me a very complicated language. 

  3. Bringing antiques back to life. Saturday was spent in the garden. A glorious day with 29degrees at one point. I spent the day refurbishing some old furniture. I love the preparation, attention to detail and the wonderful reveal when its finished. 

  4. Domestic Goddess – no weeds to see here. Finally, I spent the 2 Sundays in the garden weeding and pruning back the established garden. I’m not very green fingered but again I managed to make the garden look somewhere presentable - well enough to put the garden furniture out ready for the spring/summer to arrive in earnest. 



Some people do nothing to relax, reenergise – a spa day, for example. I’m the other way round I have to accomplish/ achieve something. Sitting down at the end of the day with a sense of achievement helps me relax. It’s the same with work – having known I’ve done everything I wanted to give me such a sense of pride. These 2 weeks have helped me increase my mojo, given me more #NRG to do the stuff I love to do. 


So, there you have it – my favourite waste of time is you! My clients, My work, My associates. SSSSHHHHH! Please don’t tell hubby – he’d be most upset. 



The Week Ahead Blueprint:

From a couple of weeks of being on my lonesome – I’ve got a full-on week of people and events. You see this week is #ILW24 – International Leadership Week

This year’s theme is recognises that effective leadership goes beyond individual accomplishments and focuses on bringing people together to work towards a common purpose. Collaboration involves fostering a culture of trust, open communication, and mutual respect. It encourages leaders to actively listen to others, value their input, and create an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. It also promotes the sharing of knowledge, resources, and ideas to foster innovation and drive continuous improvement.


The week kicks off with a hybrid event in London where we are delighted to be joined by 

Ad Davies, Gymshark, Scott Brown, Melia Hotels, Marina Ibrahim, Globility Coaching and Dr. Manisha Morais, Kuzuko Group


That event is sold out but you can set your calendar up for the rest of the week – here. Why not come together others from around the world in celebration of successful leadership encouraging, facilitating, and supporting collaboration inside and outside an organisation.


As Deputy Chair of The Institute of Leadership I terribly proud of our team for organisation such a wider spread event and want to say thanks to them for making the event so diverse and interesting. Let’s #CollaborateForSuccess.



Fuel for Thought:

“The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.” 

This quote originally from Bruce Lee was in the book we read this time for Inspirante Business Book Club. The Book was “How to do things you hate” By Peter Hollins. I like the quote because it gives hope. It reminds us that anything is possible with dedication, commitment, tenacity, passion, & relentless pursuit. 


Ask yourself – where is your focus today, this week, this month?



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