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Keeping focused

#NRG stuck for words….Can you believe it!

For the first time this week since I started the #Weeklydigest I don’t know what to write. I started 3 or 4 different pieces, but nothing seemed to flow or make sense.

This is very unlike me. Normally I will think about what is going on in the business world during the week, then draft it in my head over the weekend, putting pen to paper very early Monday morning. It tends to take less than an hour. But I have been sat here for 1.5hrs and still nothing seems to be coming together. This is upsetting. The mornings are normally the time when I am hyper focused – so why not today?

How do you focus on what is important? Do you ever feel like this? Too much in your head to move on?

Let’s try something to help me focus… I’m going to list some of the questions & thoughts racing round in my mind – declutter my head. May be this will help me focus for the rest of the day…why not try it too, it might help.

  • 25 webinar invites in one week is too much! What are people learning from all these sessions? Is the time to learning ratio enough? What am I missing out on?

  • Will business ever stop giving away their value for free to attract new business? I agree with givers gain…. but I wonder if we are overstepping at the moment. Or should we continue to give, believing it will always come back.

  • I am thankful for my #NRG Associates. The team are so giving, solution orientated and insightful.

  • How are we going to get back outside as before? How do we get business back to normal after Covid19? Will I ever drive my car again? (no, no, no, no, stop that thought - love my car!)

  • How do I increase my empathy? Need to look into this more.

  • Finding your tribe – how to build communities is very important for moving forward

  • Preparing your business for recession – make sure I look at the cash flow and financial rigor for the business

  • I’m happy with my work life balance at the moment but does this mean I’m falling behind?

  • There will be winners and losers after this worldwide challenge…. how do I make sure I (and the business people I know) are winners!

  • Action is everything. Keep moving forward with your work and business development….remember the growth imperative. Adapt or Die.

What’s on your mind at the moment? If any of those subjects are also on your mind, drop me a line with your thoughts or any other ideas you might want to chat about. I’d be happy to send some time chatting to you about them with you. Maybe we will come up with a whole new perspective and collaborate on an amazing new idea.

That last point in the list (ACTION) pulled me back. I’m going to grab a cuppa, get back to the desk and curate my to do list for the day. Effort and persistence is key to any success. I am going to put all my #NRG into making sure I’m focused on what I need to achieve today for NRG and my clients. I’m just going to do!

Here are some nice articles focus in business.

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