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Key Takeaways from International Leadership Week #ILW24

International Leadership Week 2024

The Weekly Debrief:

What an exhilarating week it was, brimming with opportunities for growth and enlightenment! #ILW24 – International Leadership Week brought a surge of inspiration as we delved into the essence of leadership. 

This year’s theme recognised that effective leadership goes beyond individual accomplishments and focuses on bringing people together to work towards a common purpose. Collaboration encourages leaders to actively listen to others, value their input, and create an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. It also promotes the sharing of knowledge, resources, and ideas to foster innovation and drive continuous improvement.


We certainly captured the active listen and sharing knowledge activities across the week here at #teamNRG. By embracing the spirit of collaboration with open arms. From insightful LinkedIn Live Audios spanning continents to engaging discussions with luminaries like Mel Robinson, Chad Cooper, Sera Akinci, and Alex Bull, we absorbed a wealth of knowledge, igniting the flames of innovation and camaraderie within our team.


You can listen back to all the wonderful speakers at the #WeeklyNRG podcast


The learning didn't stop there! I had the privilege of immersing myself in thought-provoking sessions throughout the week. From Professor Peter Clough's captivating insights on intrinsic motivation to Emmanuel Gobillot's illuminating take on leadership, and the transformative exploration of Beyond Budgeting, each encounter sparked new ideas and perspectives.

(If you haven’t heard of it check it out here. I found it really inspiring, turning a subject many of us find difficult or even a little boring into an intellectual exercise of brilliant leadership.)


Beyond Budgeting is a management approach that aims to overcome the limitations of traditional budgeting methods. Traditional budgeting is often rigid, hierarchical, and based on historical data and predetermined targets. Beyond Budgeting proposes to abolish traditional budgeting processes and establish a highly decentralized and adaptive set of management processes. 


Reflecting on the week, it's clear that moments of epiphany are often born from the confluence of diverse experiences. Like pieces of a puzzle falling into place, ideas swirled, and solutions crystallized, leading to a profound sense of clarity.


So, how do we cultivate such moments of revelation more frequently? It begins with creating space for exploration, allowing our minds to roam freely, and embracing the unfamiliar. By dedicating time to diverse pursuits and embracing the serendipity of discovery, we open the door to boundless innovation and growth.


Here's to embracing the beauty of serendipity and fostering a culture of continuous exploration and learning!


 The Week Ahead Blueprint: 

This coming week is a ‘bitty’ week. As usual we have lots of client activities; a board meeting here, a strategic session and workshop there. But for once its all nicely balanced across the week, giving me more time and space each day to tie up all my goals for the month. I’m hoping to get on top of my business admin too. (Those pesky accounts won’t wait, and that VAT return won’t get done without my expenses.) 


Let’s see how I get on ‘keeping focused’ and ‘moving forward’ in a week when I’m not in constant meetings. For me being busy is often more productive that having not so many appointments. I find it easier to fit things in when I don’t have so many choices in which to do the thing that needs to be done.


Fuel for Thought:

It's about mood and energy management, not time management or organization. 

From Peter Hollins book “How to do the things you hate.”



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