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“Let’s slay 2021 one quarter at a time!” or “Why you should create 90-day goals!”

How often do you think about your aspirations? Not your realistic ones but your lofty dream-like ones? The ones that you’ve let be a passing thought that ends up taking a round trip to check up on you, or some cases taunt you and haunt you for years. Perhaps you were intimated by the commitment it would mean or are there other reasons why you haven’t acted.

I’ve got a couple of things I should have actioned by now – So I’ve decided 2021 is the year.

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To help achieve this goals, I have decided to adapted a 90-day plan. A structured plan designed to allow me to firmly grasp my big yearly ambitions by the horns. And I mean grasp, after all it’s all too easy to get swept away by all the temptations that surrounds us. Our brains don’t come with discipline pre-installed!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

Why 90-days? Well, it may be based on the idea that 90-days has been shown to be a significant milestone for people trying to quit harmful habits as relapse tends to occur within that time. 90-days helps break down the tasks into more attainable goals. You’d be surprised by how re-stating your goal into smaller chunks can really make it a lot more digestible.

The other effect is that it gives a clear sense of accomplishment when you reach your mini-goal, keeping your day-day work productive by being more motivated. You can start to see how this would easily translate to personal goals, so why don’t we try that now?

12-months is just too long a timescale to keep focus and #NRGised on the task. So, what about it? Shall we start our 90-days and see what amazing things we can achieve together?

Let me know what you have down on your list for the first 90days of 2021…I’d be happy to keep you accountable for your goals. (Maybe we should set up an accountability club between us)

Here’s mine…..I’m going to have launched 2 new products/divisions/companies before the end of 2021.

Creating your 90-day goals

Notepad with 2021 goals being written next to coffee

1.) Properly define what your long-term goal, your vision is. Give it a good think, write it down and solidify it. More importantly remember why you wish to attain such vision and why it’s important to you. You could say this is the anchor that should keep you from being swept away! Some examples could be to reach your peak fitness, publish a book that enlightens people, maintain everlasting friendships.

2.) Now you have to determine the first milestone. Is it the moment you fully realise what is required? Is it a certain number of chapters to be written? Is it to have had a healthy streak of workouts?

Whatever it is you it should be measurable and more importantly achievable. It’s better to have achieved an easier goal and still have the morale to continue and stay consistent. This is compared to working yourself to the bone, to fall just short of the goal, burning yourself out and demoralising yourself. You can set higher bars once you’ve had a couple of successful 90-goals or if you know your limits very well.

3.) How do you get to your milestone? What amount of time are you willing to dedicate to it? As always, consistency is key, so doing a little bit every day will get you further than you think. Splitting it into daily tasks and getting use to it is much for sustainable for the future.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

4.) Start it! Don’t wait till tomorrow or when everything lines up smoothly. If you can’t get over the first step you shouldn’t bother with the rest of the journey.

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