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Letting nature inspire peace & calm

You may be aware that recently #teamNRG moved to our international office in France for the summer. The first 10days had been a bit chaotic, a terrible cold knocked me for six and work has been hectic. But over the weekend began to find my mojo once more.


Well, I think it’s to do with pace.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” —Saint Francis de Sales

Whenever I go on holiday the other half always says it takes me at least a week to stop and sit still for more than 5 mins. It was the same here for the first few days, although I’m not on holiday the change in location and pace of life has rubbed against how fast I normally work. Always feeling behind, like I’m not getting enough done…I just feel like I can’t stop or I’ll fail.

I suppose I feel like a whirling top, its takes me time to slow it down once I’ve been going at speed for some time.

So, todays post is dedicated to nature and how it has helped me find happiness and contentment in slowing down.

River Tea Miño nature relaxing sunset

I always feel like I can breathe outside. Being outdoors gives me a sense of peace.

Here are some of the weekend activities that have shown me life is not all about going fast and it can sometimes be a nicer just that little bit slower.

  • Watching the river flow passed the house

  • Visiting the forest and listening to the bird song

  • Going for a walk along the riverbank

  • Watching the sunset and sunrise

  • Sat in a town square with a cuppa watching the world go by

  • Waiting for paint to dry on a piece of furniture I am painting

  • SUP boarding up the still river

  • Swimming in the fresh lake

  • Cycling through the countryside to visit the wine caves

  • Weeding the courtyard

Question - How can you slow down and enjoy the day just that little bit more?

This week – why not set yourself a challenge to slow down and see how you feel?

To help you on your way here are some inspiring images from Chenehutte, France this weekend.

NRG collage of the location Chenehutte, France



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