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Limits – Are they stopping you from greatness?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Are you thinking big enough?

Do you have any self-imposed limits?

Are your actions limiting your greater success?

Ever heard phrases like ‘I don’t do math!’ or ‘I’m not a writer’ or ‘I’m bad at sport’. These are limiting beliefs and they stop us from achieving. Limiting beliefs might come in varied sizes, shapes, or forms but they all have the same effect; they stop us from reaching our full potential.

I know we are all far more capable than we first think. Just think of some of the adversity people go through. So why hold onto ideas that stop us?

Most limits are self-imposed, not real.

Self-limiting beliefs can be quite deep-rooted and hard to shift. Based on historical behavior or events, they are so well engrained we often use them as automatic responses without even questioning if the statement was/is even true. We think they are helping to keep us safe.

Mine was ‘I don’t write very well, I’m bad at English, written communication takes me ages.’

You see, I was ‘picked on’ (old fashioned term for bullying) at school because I couldn't read very well. The other students always made me read in class and when I couldn’t read the words I use to cry. I subsequently switched off from all things English and didn’t learn. I sabotaged myself in a vein to protect myself from feeling stupid and embarrassed in front of others. The others won. I gave up and started to believe I couldn’t write. I couldn’t do anything English related.

How did I get over this limiting belief?

Well, I’m a work in progress but here some of the things I’ve done so far to get over my fear/limiting belief.

  1. Recognize the negative self-talk. Stop saying it to yourself and replace it with positive self-talk/ affirmations. (I believe I can tell a good story, rather than I rubbish at writing.)

  2. Focus on your strengthens and expand them. (I can stand up in front of people and present any day of the week. I thought why not use this skill in my written communication. Imagine I’m just standing talking to someone.)

  3. Do something small, then practice, practice, practice. (This weekly digest is an example of that. Now I’ve got 3 book ideas ready to be published, and don’t worry so much about my written communication.)

  4. Go back to school. If you feel lacking, not experienced enough, or unskilled. Go and learn! Personal development is vital throughout life. (Youtube, education, courses online etc. there is so much out there to help us learn a new skill.)

  5. Ask for help. Find a trusted colleague, friend, or associate to help. (Thanks to those of you who have helped me over the last few years. It means the world to me.)


Stop the limiting thoughts. The change starts with you. Change your mindset, tell yourself off for thinking such thoughts and re-program. Think bigger.

There are many reasons to stop your limiting thinking. You’ll have bigger goals and will achieve more, you’ll improve your skills, you’ll get things done, you’ll enjoy life more, you’ll generate more ideas, you’ll be less likely to get down and depressed etc. I am sure you’ll think of some more – the positive benefits are too many to list.

We should all question our limitations! Don’t just accept the response out of habit. Ask yourself the question “why can’t I?” Push your boundaries, ask yourself “how do I do this?”


Way back at University I attended a business seminar at an advertising agency. (Remember I’ve always been keen.) The presenter said something that has always stuck with me…he drew a moon and some stars on the whiteboard…then said.

“Reach for the moon! Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

(It’s a quote from Norman Vincent Peale.)



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