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Meet our team: Dr R. Hall

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Dr Ross Hall, Performance Psychologist.

HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist; BPS Chartered Psychologist;Founding Director,

The Green Mile Movement CIC

Performance pyschologist Ross Hall smiling with blue shirt


I have a Professional Doctorate in Psychology and have worked in applied psychology for over 20 years. I have researched topics focusing on the stress and performance relationship, including the impact of confidence, both upon ourselves, our teams and consequent performance. Most recently I have become interested in the use of psychological skills and their potential impact upon our health and well-being, across a variety of contexts. I have also been involved in delivering psychological interventions for ex-armed forces prisoners and their families, using an elite athlete model of intervention to address areas of perceived psychological need. Such approaches can be applied across a variety of performance domains, including business.

Within my wider consultancy services, I’ve provided support to the Great Britain Men’s Handball team at camps and international competitions in the build up to and including the London 2012 Olympics. I also went to Beijing in 2008 with GB Wheelchair Rugby as a fully accredited member of the support staff. I have also been fortunate enough to attend numerous World, European and National tournaments working in a variety of sports including wheelchair basketball, professional rugby, golf and football. None of this would have been possible without an education.

I live in North Cardiff and I have recently found a love of road cycling. We are a busy family and often spend many hours travelling around Wales to support our children’s hockey ambitions. My family are very important to me and are among my greatest achievements in life.

1.) Top Tip: Control your breathing to help reduce your stress. Use the 4 seconds in and 6 seconds out breathing rate and when used in conjunction with other psychological skills it will help to train and manage the stress related element of your blood pressure.

2.) Funny fact: I used to be able run sub 5-minute miles, but had both hips replaced around 12 years ago, so had to give up running – I’d prefer to keep my hips this time around.

3.) Hobby Horse: Understanding and controlling perceived performance pressure.

4.) My Inspiration: People who live their lives by ‘doing the right thing’, regardless of personal pain or gain.

5.) Best Business Book: I read for work, so generally don’t read for leisure!

“Make every effort to command respect from those around you. Those that demand respect will never receive it”. Ross Hall…



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