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Meet our team: Stephanie


Founder and Marketing Professional at WhiteLenz Marketing Consistently conscientious, willing to go the extra mile to ensure success

Black and white portrait of Stephanie Stephens smiling


I founded WhiteLenz in 2018 after years of experience in the marketing and design industry. I worked for GoCompare and Acorn Recruitment as well as smaller firms including a Microsoft Partner, solicitor firm and digital marketing agency.

After graduating in 2013 with a Business and Marketing degree, I worked in various marketing roles, gaining experience in social media, PPC, design, content writing, and campaign and event management. Our goal is to provide you with clear and focused marketing solutions to help make a real difference to your business. We work with many start-ups and small-to-medium sized businesses, helping them be competitive and grab the right opportunities to reach their customers. We offer marketing advice and implementation, going the extra mile to ensure that you see results.

Having found a strong passion for blog writing, I also run a successful parenting and lifestyle blog!

Personal Info I currently live in Cwmbran, South Wales with my husband and two little boys. We don’t have any pets at the moment, although I’m sure this might change as the boys get older. Running my business as well as being a Mum keeps me on my toes. Just how I like it. Funny Story I’m sure you’ve all heard of “Wedding Brain” or “Bride Brain”, well I can tell you this is a genuine thing. Back in 2016, a few days before I was due to get married, I was at work on my last day before annual leave. I happened to look down at my feet only to find I had odd shoes on. I had somehow managed to put on two different black pumps (which were obviously different!) and leave the house. Luckily I worked at a desk and my feet weren’t on show! What’s Important to Me?

The most important thing to me is my family and spending quality time with them. Since having children, I’ve realised just how fast time can go by. I also believe it is important to keep your mind occupied and your body healthy, ensuring your mental and physical health are the best they can be.

1.) Top tip Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

2.) Funny fact:​ ​Distantly related to Lady Godiva and Michael Schumacher

3.) Hobby Horse: ​ ​Exploring new cooking and baking recipe

4.) My Inspiration: ​ ​People who turn something small into something big

5.) Best Business Book:​ ​The Icarus Deception - Seth Godin

“​Before doing anything, we take a step back to understand what exact outcome you expect from your marketing. Whether that be quality leads, an eye-catching brand, a consistent voice across social media or a user-friendly, optimised website.”



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