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Meet the team: Steve


Trainning & Coaching expert

Steve Mandeley business man with glasses portrait smiling


I qualified as a Pharmacist from the Welsh School of Pharmacy way back in 1982. I went to work for Boots and although I enjoyed customers, I realised that I would probably make a better Manager than Pharmacist! So, I set off on the Management route, managing shops and districts in Lancashire, Cumbria, Teesside, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, returning to Cardiff in 1998 to manage their flagship store on Queen St. In 2005, I left Boots to join Land Securities with a brief to work on the refurbishment of St David’s Shopping Centre and the building of St David’s 2. It was an amazingly challenging and rewarding time and a high spot of my career when we opened the new St David’s Dewi Sant in October 2009. I stayed as General Manager until I retired in 2019.

More recently, I have also worked part-time for the University College of Estates Management in Reading as a Module Leader on the Diploma in Shopping Centre Management. I have also been a Trustee of the Landsec Pension Fund, Keep Wales Tidy and the South Wales Aviation Museum. In 37 years of Company life I have had the benefit of lots of training and exposure to businesses of all shapes and sizes. I realised that I really enjoyed working with new and developing businesses to help them reach their potential and so this is why I have set up my consultancy services.

I do have a life outside work! I have been married to Carol for 36 years and we have two sons; Ed is in Dublin and James is in Sunderland; due in part to their wives: Gina and Steph! I have always enjoyed cycling and have raced for many years, the bike often comes on holiday with us! More recently, I have gained my Private Pilots Licence and I can tell you the views of South Wales from the air are truly stunning!

1) Top Tip: I work with businesses of all sizes and types to allow them to grow and consolidate. I can review structures and responsibilities, processes as well as reviewing the brand and looking for new markets. Also, remember that the person with the most flexibility in their behaviours benefits from the relationship!

2) Funny fact: I've been on Popmaster on Radio 2 and got 27 points!

3) Hobby Horse: I was very fortunate to receive lots of training and coaching in my career. Sadly, too many businesses don't do this for their Leadership team or their employees.

4) My Inspiration: Being able to develop an individual or a business to achieve their potential. It's great to play a part in their success!

5) Best Business book: 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen R Covey. It's a great way of setting up the way a business works.

“I have amassed a library of over 1,000 documents including; training courses, business plans, financial spreadsheets, processes, best practices, customer and sales practices and HR procedures.”

“ I am truly independent and can therefore work with you to understand the root cause of your challenges and we can then work on the best way to solve them and develop your business in the direction you want it to go”.



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