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Starting Anew.

Hello everyone. How was your summer? I hope like me you had a blast. It’s been quite a full one here in the Rylett - Jones household. We’ve spent most of the time in France working hard to complete the first of our gite projects. Many of you have already seen the finished product, but for those that haven’t you can see the result for ‘La Maison Bleu’ on

Alongside the hard work, we’ve had a little fun with guests coming to stay and also a quick trip back to the UK for a close friend’s wedding. (How I love a summer wedding in the UK.)

Student with stationary pencils and colours drawing, close up

Now as September comes upon us, we move into one of my favorite weeks of the year, ‘Back to School’ Week.

Whoop Whoop! I love this week. You see I loved school, and this week in particular was full of happiness, hope, curiosity, potential and BRAND NEW STATIONARY! (That’s right, do you remember the new pencil cases, books backed with plastic or wallpaper, and strange smellie novelty erasers – what were they all about???) It was a time to reconnect with friends. But more importantly for me the start of the new school year also brought structure, discipline, and the opportunity to start anew.

This starting anew renewed and focused my NRG’s, gave me opportunities for reinvention, inspired me, offered me choice and the freedom to explore. You got a clean slate, a chance to start over each year. This sense of freshness, learning, growth and the potential for positive change allowed me to break free from the past. It’s a sense that has never left me and something I am grateful for every day. It’s fundamental to my character and my happiness.

How can we harness this feeling, this sense? Well, I propose we use the reminder of the various opportunities, responsibilities and commitments that come with going back to school to encourage more accountability.

Sapling coming from soil signalling renew

Yep, Accountability!

Starting anew means you have the chance to increase your accountability.

Set yourself a new timetable and improve your time management. Set clearer more defined goals so you can achieve something new. Change the way you prioritize tasks or break them down differently to be more efficient. Commit to a new continuous improvement program for yourself. Whatever you decide to focus on in this new academic year we all have a ‘clean slate’ to be more accountable for our actions, our progress our results.

What do you think? Fancy improving your accountability this month?

Taking the theme forward we are also starting anew with the way the #WeeklyNRGs are written, focusing them on monthly themes. Everything we do during the month will be linked to the theme, giving greater opportunity to dive deeper and learn more. September is going to be all about ‘Accountability’.

Accountability is willing to accept responsibility for your actions. It eliminates the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior. It comprises of 4 core components: participation, evaluation, transparency, and feedback mechanisms.

Alongside finding out more about the core components We’ll be exploring -

  • Why it is important on both a personal and business level?

  • What the benefits are of increasing your level of accountability?

  • How can accountability be achieved? How to improve your accountability?

  • What the consequences of lack of accountability are in the workplace and how to work on that with others?

  • We’ll be talking about how goal setting, self-reflection, seeking feedback and the power of an accountability buddy are critical to accountability in our LINKEDIN Live Audio Week.

I do hope you’ll join me to explore all the various facets of accountability. If there is something you’d like me to find out or discuss just email. (You know the address).

Until next week let’s set ourselves an action to be accountable for, send me the details and I’ll hold you accountable.

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