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5 is the magic number!

As you know we don’t normally sell or talk about our business in this weekly digest, but I hope today you will allow me this one little indulgence.

champagne glasses with sparkler celebrating 5 years of NRG

NRG Birthday Celebrations.

The Nicola Rylett Group is 5-years old as of 26th of July! Wow, where did that time go? I can remember it like it was yesterday. Sitting in the home office with a brand-new notebook, wondering what to do first. My husband had bought me some flowers, which brightened up the room and I had a nice smelling candle burning in the corner.

Since then, we have acquired a small office, returned to working from home again due to covid, moved to a larger office, worked from a small desk in France and then moved back to being a virtual team. The location of my desk might have changed a few times, but the principles of the work we do hasn’t changed at all. Our focus has always been on supporting positive ‘can do’ teams to solve the business problems that are holding them back. We are passionate experts providing impactful knowledge and strategic insights for change to today’s progressive leaders.

Over the last five years The Nicola Rylett Group has inspired hundreds of individual business owners, entrepreneurs, SME leaders and their teams to transform their businesses. Whether it’s growing the business revenue by 500%, moving into new markets during covid, setting up businesses from scratch or securing the sales to make sure the order books are full for the next 12months #TeamNRG inspire action and get results.

Intervention from #TeamNRG has increased business turnover, created jobs, raised investment, and developed export revenues. I am so proud that our impact has been felt across many sectors, industries and regions of Wales.

Our values; inspiring action, adding value and driving success sum up how we make an impact!

Many of you know the ‘Ups and Downs’ of running a business. We’ve also had a few days we’d rather forget along the way. These challenging days always lead me to learn something new, either about myself, the work, the team or the clients. Its this constant learning that keeps me moving forward, engaged, enthusiastic, keen.

Here are my top 5 lessons I’ve learnt from the last 5 years. I like to think of them as my 5 elements of success.

1.) Give yourself and your knowledge

Build your reputation by giving your expert knowledge to those that need it. Do a great job (each and every time) and the word of mouth will travel far and wide. Your phone won’t stop ringing with referrals.

2.) Fix the problem, simply and well.

A great client, now friend reminds me of this daily. We shouldn’t over complicate things. Fix the problem and make the fix as simple for the customer/client as possible.

3.) Surround yourself with brilliant people

Mentors, coaches, supporters, associates, and friends. Running a business can be a lonely affair and the aforementioned groups have helped me stay sane over the last few years.

4.) Be authentic

Its takes courage but it’s the one thing that makes all the difference. Keeping up appearances is a waste of energy, and we don’t have energy to waste when running a business. Be your whole true self and your connections with others with flourish.

5.) Keep learning

Learning helps us feel more fulfilled, happier. It gives a sense of achievement, which, in turn, make us feel more ready to take on more challenges and explore new business ventures. It opens up new opportunities and innovation.

Combine these lessons with the tenacity of keeping going; doing the work day in day out and you have the #NRG recipe for success.

#teamNRG thank you!

Finally, we just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you; our team, suppliers, associates, clients, mentors and network. Your help over the last 5 years has been amazing. Not all small businesses get to this milestone so we are a little bit proud and very grateful. We are going to highlight some of the clients and achievements over the coming week on social, so keep an eye out.



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