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Driving Success – Should you have a business coach?

Silhouette of man holding glasses coaching another person during a meeting

One of the most inspiring things about running my business is the work I do coaching business leaders and mentoring young people. It's incredible to see how much individuals can achieve once you ta into their motivation, help them focus on the end goals, and challenge them to personally develop and do better.

To me a business coach is action-orientated, they help you achieve your goals (in a specific amount of time).

Why get a business coach?

Simply put they help you go from where you are today to where you want to be.

A coach will help you see the real problems/issues holding you back and stopping you from achieving. By being outside the day to day of the business, they can help remove the operational distractions and focus you on the bigger picture and goals.

It can be lonely running a business or being at the top of a company and a coach can be a great listener. They are a wonderful impartial sounding board to bounce ideas off and together you have a greater collective brain 🧠 to creatively solve the problems your business might face.

They will challenge your thinking and willingness to grow; holding up a mirror to your behavior, helping you see other perspectives. It is the powerful questioning techniques they use that isolate the challenge, help you realize the solution, and move you forward.

They can be a great accountability agent. It is strange how we will keep promises to others but not necessarily to ourselves. Coaches can drive your success.

And finally, they are fantastic confidence builders.

When is the right time to get a business Coach?

If any of the following statements apply to you it might be time to think about getting a business coach.

· You want to change your results

· You are tired and have lost motivation

· You want to grow and improve both you and the business

· People in your business have started to frustrate you

· You don’t have anyone else to talk to; so, you end up listening to only your own ideas

· You aren’t doing the things you know you should be doing

· You want to save time

…And tongue in cheek

· your other half is sick of hearing you moan about work.

Every world-class athlete and top business performer has a coach to bring out their best – why not you?

The Nicola Rylett Group Values are

Inspiration Action | Driving success | Adding Value

I would love to talk to you if you are thinking about getting a business coach.



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