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How often do you think about the future? Look for inspiration everywhere

Came across this article about company structures and the gig economy.

futurisitic white lit Moving walkway

The opening sentence reads ‘the email landed in Eva Smiths mailbox at 7pm, Friday October 13th 2028. (No it’s not a typo – I mean 2028!). The rest of the article goes onto give a description of how we will be working in the future. An interesting article which got me thinking creatively about my own organisation and a couple of challenges I’d been mulling over.

How often do you read something that challenges you? How often do you look at other

industries for inspiration? When did you last go out of your way to see how other business’s were solving similar challenges or how they were using technology adaptations to change for the better?

Remember we can all learn from others, you never know when or where inspiration might strike.



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