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How to adapt your leadership to your unique team members

Question Time.

We have turned this #WeeklyNRG over to you, our community. We thought we’d answer some of your questions in a series of Q&A blogs. Over the next few days, I’ll send six emails which answer the questions you asked me recently.

Here we go with question 4 of 6

How do you co-ordinate between leadership styles if you have two employees who are receptive to different approaches? If it's a case of alternation, what is your best tip to manage that constant.

meeting between 3 people, with a leader adapting his leadership

POINT 1 - I believe it’s our responsibility as business owners/leaders to help our employees work to their highest potential. If that means as leaders, we have to adapt our style then I think we should be skilled enough to do that on a case by case basis. It’s about knowing your team, their strengths, and their true potential.

Moving this forward, trying to change this - I’d start by working with them individually as they want to work. At the same time I’d be spending time with the whole organisation setting the vision for the team and making sure everyone is personally aligned with the wider business goals. Developing the team dynamic by getting them to appreciate everyone’s individual strengths and inputs. Highlight the team similarities and work on bringing the best out of the differences. Finally, I’d work on a personal development plan for the individuals concerned (you could use GROW) that helps them move forward with their own leadership skills. Developing a team of leaders who understand each other is a critical advantage. And by understanding how leadership works a little they might realise how they can work better as part of the team.

POINT 2 – How to keep sane and balanced whilst managing the constant? Be proactive and write up a plan. Set milestones and monitor progress. This will remind you why you are changing your style. Also look after yourself; talk to a business colleague about what you are doing, get a coach or a mentor.



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