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If money is not an issue, would you still do what you do today?

Absolutely. I love what I do, now more than ever. It’s taken a little time to get to this point, so let me explain. For many years I was obsessed with money (Probably because growing up we didn’t have any.) I would move from job to job for that next pay rise. It worked, I worked hard and achieved a standard of living I wanted. But I wasn’t always working on the type of business I was passionate about. Yes, you know me, I’m always excited by work and business but not as much as people and what I help them with today. If I’m honest I’d say it’s only been in the last few of years since setting up my company that I’ve found my ‘niche'.

My growth mindset has helped me realise that if I focus on doing the type of work most aligned to my passion, using my skills and strengths every day I’ll achieve more and become more of an expert. The money will follow, take care of itself. (As my husband says, have you ever been without a job or not able to make your own money? Over my 35-year career the answer is never; I’ve always been OK. SO I should believe in myself more be more confident in my abilities.)

As an aside, like many of you, I already do gratis work to support organisations I’m passionate about. I am a NED Swim Wales, Governor of a Primary school here in Cardiff, Deputy Chair of Institute of Leadership and Management. I get a wonderful feeling from giving back. Go on – Try it.

I know we all have to pay our bills etc, but if I can encourage you to do something - focus on the work! Become the best in your field at what you do and the money will come.

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