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Introducing our new team member.

Hi Everyone

I just wanted introduce Ciaran to you all. Ciaran joined us in July as part of the kickstart scheme. He may be contacting some of you in the future so I wanted you to meet him first.

Here’s a little blog he wrote about himself.


Hello everyone,

My name is Ciaran Joseph McConnell, the new starter for #teamNRG! I’ve joined Nicola and Caitlin, mostly helping with writing articles and doing business administration work.

As for a brief introduction about myself.

I love the arts; all things creative.

I have been a huge reading enthusiast ever since I could get my hands on books. I have always held much more interest in fictional tales than ones based in fact, but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy a good historical read. My huge enjoyment of reading led me to start a current writing project; creating and designing my own Dungeons and Dragons styled tabletop game for family & friends.

For a hobby that I only “play” a few hours a week it’s allowing me to really practice my creative writing, ability in designing a game in creating area maps/designing combat encounters, and also help me gain confidence in public speaking.

I am also a huge music lover of all genres, I can’t even think of a common link between all of the music I will frequently listen to. Some days I will drive to work listening to Aphex Twin (Nicola says – who are they?) and come home blasting Metallica. Another day will start with Dvorak’s New World Symphony and end with Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. I love variety in the music I listen to, and I’m always more than willing to give a band or an album a try, chances are I’ll probably like it.

Film watching is another hobby of mine. I have far too many I’d consider “favourites” to give a proper list of here, but a very cut down, off the cuff list would include The Lighthouse, Drive, The Godfather Trilogy, and some older episodes of Dr Who. I have also been editing videos as a hobby for several years now and it’s something I really enjoy doing. Quite recently I helped out a local charity by putting a video together for them.

I usually have a very reserved personality around most, and I feel I lack confidence, but I feel this work for #teamNRG can really help push me on into the future. Can’t wait to get stuck in!



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