'It's the season to be jolly...': Giving is about thoughtfulness

Updated: Jun 8

Over the last few years, it’s become trendy in the run up to Christmas to talk about ‘de-stressing’ over festive organisation. Reminding people not to put themselves through the

unnecessary burden of buying too many unwanted gifts, and looking after their financial and mental well-being is admiral and important.

And of course, whilst I agree you shouldn’t put yourself into debit to make Christmas extra special by buying extravagant, over the top gifts you can’t afford. I also think we shouldn’t give up on gift giving in general. There is something special about giving thoughtful gifts to the people you love. Think of the joy you felt the last time you found the perfect present for someone special.

The key is to shift our thinking about what makes an amazing gift. Thinking creatively…

What would really makes the person smile? What would remind them of how special they are to you? What would show them how much you care about them? These things don’t have to be expensive, they need to be personal.  Re-frame the conversation in your mind to what is important to them and buy/give/make something relevant; remind them about a joke, help them fulfill personal ambition, ignite a passion or hobby, share an experience or even just your time.

It could be the smallest gift in the world…..it’s not about size or expense, it’s about thoughtfulness.

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