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Keep C.A.L.M and Trust the Process

With the recent launch of my new game-changing programme – UniqueNRG – I thought it would be worthwhile going through the C.A.L.M process. This process allows us to focus on a different paradigm shift each month of the programme.


Understanding who you are, your values and your purpose must be done before you put your stamp on the world. Why take action if you’re unclear on what it is you actually want to achieve?

Having clarity is about having a clear intention that is backed up with specific goals. Setting these foundations is also a way of mitigating the anxieties and frustrations that come with feeling a lack of progress; with deep thought about what the end goal is, you will know whether you are on the right path.

Haven’t been clear enough about your goals and values so far? Start easy by giving yourself small goals and think about what has given you a sense of purpose in the past. This is an exercise that is very specific to you.


No goal is worth setting without then taking action.

In this part of the C.A.L.M process, it’s about pushing the boundaries of what you feel you can do. With a clear plan in mind beforehand, you should also be able to pivot and adapt to circumstances that are out of your control.

There is also the ‘snowball effect’ that comes with acting upon your goals. After that first step, it only encourages you to take the second one. Small changes in behaviour over time turns into major long-term transformation.

This doesn’t mean you should just WORK, WORK, WORK; acting is just as relevant when it comes to protecting your energy, time and happiness, making sure that you act out the life you want.


It can’t be all about you!

Do you lead with integrity, trust and credibility?

In this section of the programme, you will learn how to shift your mindset to take your team with you along the ride.

This is different from having a management mindset. It isn’t just about organising your team to complete a goal; it’s about enabling your team to be a part of the bigger picture.

Again, the topic of leadership is very specific to you. We can all quickly tell when someone is trying to imitate a leadership style based off someone else. Be authentic and always do the right thing!

Multiply & GO!

Want to make transformation last? MULTIPLY.

This is where the word ‘game-changing’ really comes into play.

In this stage, you will learn how to act upon your long-term goals, your legacy.

Building on from the course’s previous stages, you will use your leadership and ability to act to create an outcome that you may not have been able to achieve before.

It’s about embedding and celebrating everything you’ve learnt, whilst also asking yourself what the next step is.

This section may seem intimidating right now, so first and foremost, focus on Clarity, and gradually take steps towards this end goal.


These 4 elements of the C.A.L.M process shouldn’t just be mastered by people in business - they’re things that we should all be thinking about! That said, if you are in business and want help in realising this process – you can register your interest here.

Push the boundaries of success with mastery and accountability and CHANGE THE GAME!



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