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Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Those that know me know how much I love cars. After a racing track day four or five years ago I changed my favourite to a Lamborghini Diablo. (My dream before that was always to have an Aston Martin or an Audi R8.)

When a YouTube video came up on husbands social media feed this weekend. I had to watch it. It was meant for me to see. You can find it here

The video shows a presenter telling the story of how Lamborghini owner decided to move from tractor manufacturing to high performance sport cars. (It’s 30seconds-give it a quick watch). Here is a blog explaining that it’s a true story and some more detail behind what happened.

I love the message ‘Do something’ - stop waiting for people to listen to you. Stop trying to get people on your side. Stop asking them to see why you are right and just do something. Create the alternative! Create the alternative for us all.

Why did this little story resonate with me so much? Well, this is the essence that the #BeAGameChanger was built on.

Alex and I are all about getting individuals to change the game! Our story is similar to the one above. We realised that many leadership and personal development programs had flaws. We are both individually passionate about our areas of personal development but understood by working together they could be better, they could have greater significant impact on the individual, the business, the world.

Through the combination of personal and business coaching we have created the Lamborghini of coaching. In a highly competitive and diverse business environment, knowing how to adapt and flex the business models and strategies through mindset and behaviour change is where the #gamechangers exceed.

You see Alex and I are different.

  • We think different.

  • We do different.

  • We see things different.

  • We celebrate different…

and that makes us perfect to help successfully people be more, do more, have more.

Today is our 1st business birthday. A milestone we are both very proud of. Now we won’t be buying our matching Lamborghini’s just yet…but watch this space. One Day. One Day.

To find out more about #BeAGameChanger please visit or give Alex and I an e-mail on



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