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Meet the team: Mel

Mel Evans

Customer Excellence

Mel Evans on the phone smiling.  Business woman


I run a customer experience business because I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping businesses focus on their customer. My aim is to ensure that businesses view their world through the customers eyes and whether you have customers, clients, members or patients; they all have one thing in common, they are central to your business’s success.

I have a long-established career in customer facing businesses and senior leadership roles and my experience has taught me that the team are as important as the customer. If both are not given equal focus then neither will be happy and that will result in a business not meeting its full potential by way of sales or profit!

Our 6-step program helps our clients understand the process needed to become customer centric and drive more sales, I will hold your hand all the way through the journey and support you through the change.

So why not let me help you and your business?

1) Top Tip: It's vital to understand what your customers want from your business, as you have many competitors and you need to be the one the customer remembers for the right reasons, that will create true customer loyalty.

2) Hobby Horse: I passionately believe that how a business or brand makes us FEEL is the key to why we engage repeatedly as consumers. We need to feel valued and want an emotional connection with a brand, a person or a business not just a functional transaction.

3) My Inspiration: A drive to work with others and see transformation when people apply themselves, to making a change for the better.

4) Best Business book: The Experience by Bruce Leoffler / Chimp paradox by Steve Peters

“ Who is the voice of the customer in your business? Let me do that for you…”



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