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Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking by Matthew Syed

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed Book Cover

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Read if you need a refresh on:

  • Business Diversity

  • Business Creativity Skills

  • Business Team Management Skills

Summary from Amazon:

Matthew Syed's phenomenal bestseller will change the way you think about success - forever. Rebel Ideas examines the power of 'cognitive diversity' - the ability to think differently about the world around us.

It explains how to harness our unique perspectives, pool our collective intelligence and tackle the greatest challenges of our age - from climate change to terrorism. It draws on a dazzling range of case studies, including the catastrophic failings of the CIA before 9/11, a fatal communication breakdown on top of Mount Everest and a moving tale of de-radicalisation in America's Deep South.

Rebel Ideas will strengthen any team or organisation, but has dozens of personal applications, too: from the art of personal reinvention to the remarkable benefits of personalised nutrition. It shows us how to become more creative, how to collaborate in a world becoming more interconnected, and how to break free of the echo chambers that surround us all.

It's time to think differently...



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