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Reflecting...and Celebrating with you and NRG!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Celebrate good times, come on! (Go on sing it….you know you want to…)

Last week we hit the end of April, meaning a third of the year has already gone. And wow, what a year its been so far.

Why is this so important for me, well I love a milestone to measure my progress. You all know that driving forward, pushing for success and achievement is part of my DNA. (I think its all those years in sales, having to think about targets that’s done it.) For me taking the time to review what you’ve done; acknowledge what when well, what you can learn from, what didn’t work and what made you successful is important for a number of reasons.

It helps us learn and adapt

It releases hormones that help make us feel incredible

It strengthens our resilience – you’ve done it once, you can do it again

It motivates, inspires and builds confidence in yourself and others

It creates progression

Reinforces your relationships within your team or network

Finally, positioning yourself and your team as winners, shifts your mind set, gives your pride and helps attract more success. Hence, why I asked you all to tell me your successes for the last few months. It was so inspiring to read your messages…what a driven bunch we are! We have so much to be thankful for. I hope you take pride in your amazing achievements.


Here are some of the highlights. They should remind us all that for success, all we need to do is set a goal, focus, act and be tenacious till we achieve it.

(BTW – Don’t forget to set your next 3 or 4 month goals. If you would like to send them to #NRG we would be happy to keep you accountable.)

We’ve pivoted our live events into online delivery that we had always eventually planned.

We’ve loved it, it’s growing and inspiring girls across the UK. We are LOVING it! Hard to balance with kids at home but we love a juggling act! HOW People

Developed a mini-series for people, through my LinkedIn site. I looked to keep formatting simple to stimulate thinking for people who find themselves in a position of having to reconfigure their businesses.


Most profitable month ever.


My business and confidence and business has transformed this year - grow your mindset to grow your business - so much learning! COVID has forced me to move my business online - something I had never had to courage to do. I would never have believed a few months ago I would be delivering weekly webinars and doing my own Eventbrite event. So grateful.

Lizzy Bernthal

I think the biggest thing in 2020 was that I achieved a sense of 'me'. We started our business in 2019 but it's only been this year that I've really had the kick up the bum to say that this is now what I do. I've realised that this is where I can really start to be good at the things that I do and push myself.

2020 is the year that I realised what worth is and it's not financial or even completely quantifiable on a table. It's the first time I've really sat down and tried to quantify it but it's probably the first time I've sat and realised what I've done in the past and how it's going to be used in the right places now. I achieved my "working for myself" badge and it feels great.

Ceri Willcox

I've switched classroom and in-house social media workshops to virtual. have done one-to-ones in the past but not one-to-many and the format works better than I expected.

I've setup a support group for my neighbourhood providing shopping, prescriptions etc and we've just started handing out care packages. But we've not had a lot to do....a good sign that not many are sick here. I guess you could say this has improved my organisation/management and diplomatic I had to sort out a situation where a volunteer wasn't turning up to walk a dog!

Jonathan Pollinger

Been asked to be the expert presenter on 5 webinars since the lockdown. Feels great to be asked and classed as an expert!


I have been doing a free exercise class at midday Monday to Friday for half-an-hour. I never weigh myself but I know my waist is smaller, trousers feel looser.

I have done so many webinars [I have even double-booked some times and have to watch the recording] – Institute of Leadership and Management at 1 p.m. (although they finish this week), various law firms on furlough and other employment law matters and a couple of wellbeing events through recruitment consultants. Plus CIPD events.

Marco Marenda

Success from #TeamNRG include

  • New supply partners found and formally signed as reseller. I can now offer several eLearning solutions specially designed and priced for SME clients.

  • Managed to hold my birthday party before we went into severe distancing on March 23rd

  • Completed delivery of a customised Data Protection and Cyber Security program for senior managers in a financial organisation.

  • The birth of our Grandson, Gus.

  • Getting the allotment up and running. There is something very satisfying about seeing your fruit and veg growing!

  • Working with all my businesses on contingency planning for Coronavirus and now working on plans to get them up and running again whenever that will be!

  • Developing a High-Performance Grid and Toolkit.

  • Picking up two new clients.

  • Exceeding my revenue target for the year.

  • Becoming a Finalist in the Best HR Consultancy award for the Wales HR Awards 2020

  • Being appointed as an Ambassador for the Institute of Directors

  • Being elected as Chair of Canoe Wales

  • Januarys swimathon doing 1000 lengths in 1 month

  • Getting my tax return done on 7th April! Weight off my shoulders!

  • I have been successful in gaining funding to establish a Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance Hub – Cymru in partnership with Supporting Service Children’s Education Cymru. This will help in ensuring that children of military families are not disadvantaged within their education due to their parents serving in the British Military.

  • I am also working with the Senior Women’s Welsh Hockey squad as their performance psychologist.

  • 10% increase in revenue, whilst saving 10% on costs.

  • 8 new customers

  • Developed a new workshop

  • Got my website up and running

  • Bought a house in France

  • Was successful in becoming a trustee of The Institute of Leadership and Management

  • Took on my first employee

Champagne toasting celebrating success



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