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Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run….

Like many others in Cardiff this coming Sunday, I’m running the Cardiff Half Marathon for

charity. (Thanks to all those who sponsored me and the rest of the team).

Silhouette of 3 women runners on track with clear skies

This got me thinking about doing our bit to help others. Whether it’s giving your time to the local PTA, volunteering at a swim gala to train the next Olympian, raising money through great physical endeavours like walking up mountains, or just giving a tenner on Children in Need night. It all counts and in today’s world needed more than ever.

Do let me know about any charity or money raising activities you do. I’ll highlight them in

my digest and spread the word.

Back to the run on Sunday...I only wish my training has gone as well as previous attempts.

This year I seem to be hampered with injuries, so we’ll see if I get around. Fingers Crossed. If you see me en route, please give me a cheer to keep me going.



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