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Saturday’s child works hard for a living! Working hard or working smart – you choose.

I was born on a Saturday and have always felt the poem from the 1830’s ‘Monday’s Child’

told my fortune….I’ve always worked hard, and felt that it was important to be able to

provide for myself and my family.

However, last week at an event someone asked about my views on money. During the

discussion, a member of the audience said they felt that money was earned and if you

wanted more money you had to work harder. I agreed, but when the speaker then started

to question if that was correct in today’s modern business world, my thoughts started to


Should we work harder or smarter? Does it matter if you work smarter to get your money?

There is no doubt when running your own business that you have to put the hours in…..I can’t tell you how many late nights I’ve had working on client presentations. But should that be linked to the amount of money I make? Surely if I can work smarter, more productively and provide the solution in a shorter amount of time, everyone wins?

This week, I am going to try to change my focus from working harder to working smarter….why not join me…..imagine what we could achieve?

In this talk, Mark shares a dramatic and powerful system that takes productivity thinking to a whole new and terrifying level, allowing a person to achieve almost any goal they set

themselves with rapid speed.



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