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STOP…Let’s show some leadership

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Reflecting last night, I realized I am finding it difficult to think clearly about the long-term implications for business, the economy and our country. Its unsettling and a little confusing. To be honest, I can’t get over how quickly the situation has escalated.

Those of you who know me well, know that sitting still and thinking is not my strong point. I must always be moving forward. (My husband says I’m like a shark. VERY RUDE.) But he is right, I can’t sit still and see things move around me without helping.

This morning I have decided it’s time to STOP. Stop thinking and reflecting, stop being shocked, stop looking in amazement at the rubbish on social media, stop being surprised by human behavior.

Will you join me to STOP for a moment?

Support each other - your family, your neighbors, your friends and those less fortunate. In the business context support your fellow SMEs and think about your customers. Give them time, develop collaborative projects, work together, invest in your own business by investing in theirs. Let me know, please just shout if I can help in any way.

Take action – Be creative in your problem solving, adapt and change your business to make it stronger. Think by all means but take some positive action to move your business forward. Simple sales actions, generate some expert content, expand your virtual network.

Opportunities – Pivot and be creative in your problem solving. Develop opportunities don’t wait for them to arrive. Reconnect to your long-term vision of the organisation. Think about all the things you where going to do before you got too busy running your business. Do some on them now.

Plan Ahead – Mitigate your risks. Protect your work force for the future reality; retrain and upskill people. Establish your new target list of people you want to work with. Start to connect with them. Things will change and at some point life will get back to normal….let’s focus on being the best, strongest, brightest we can be.

In times of challenge and difficulty people need leadership.

Let’s show leadership in our actions. (Based on Kouze and Prosner)

  • Model the way - Do the right thing, not the easy thing.

  • Keep a calm head and inspire others in your long-term vision of the organisation

  • Challenge your processes and ways of working. Be open to other/ new ways.

  • Enable others to act. Keep connected to your customers and your staff, your friends, other SMEs.

  • Encourage the heart. Show kindness to all and motivate them to do the same.

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