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The importance of your long term vision

Last Tuesday I went to the RBS Breakfast with Ross McEwan, at Liberty Stadium, Swansea. He was a great speaker; eloquent, personable and very positive about business. He spoke about the bank, digital transformation and skills building for the future.

The main take home for me was how he gave and continued to give his team clarity around the strategy for transformation needed in the business. Over the five years, he kept the same messaging around Vision, Mission, Values and Branding, constantly repeating the important long term vision for the organisation. He based this work on the JLR triangle below.  

The only item that he changed each year was the focus for the 12 months ahead, which he added to the bottom of the triangle. The focus was an action/output they all agreed to achieve by the end of the 12 month period.

Pyramid showing the 'JLR way'

He kept them aligned on the long term whilst focusing on the short term. Great advice.



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